About Us

Author and entrepreneur, Lauryn Alyssa Wendus, saw the need for a way to better connect locally online amidst her journey self-publishing The Adventures of Oliver Poons children’s book series. At every book signing, farmer’s market, and local event she attended, she noticed that people were interested in who was around them and what they were doing. She became passionate about building a resource to harness the power of local community, support small business, empower local artists, and connect neighbors to collaborate and help one another.

Use What’s New Local to share what’s new with you. Here are just some examples of ways to use our site:

  • Businesses looking to share their coupons and promotions
  • Artists who want to gain exposure and sell their work
  • Bloggers who want to connect with their local community
  • New to town and looking for a roommate
  • Clearing out your basement to sell items and earn extra cash
  • Get the word out about your upcoming event
  • Announce a personal achievement, marriage, death, or military accomplishment
  • Share your creativity by syncing your podcast, blog, stories, poems or prose
  • Barter for goods and services with your neighbors
  • Let your community know what goods and services you’re looking for
  • Realtors sharing their latest real estate listings
  • Helping lost pets and adoptable pets find their forever homes
  • Letting your community know your non-profit or organization is in need of volunteers

Are you ready to share what’s new with you?

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