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Annie is the last…

Annie is the last remaining kitten that is still fighting for her life. I’ve been trying to take a break and just focus on nursing all these sick babies back to health. We have lost 12 precious kittens, who had their whole lives ahead of them. Sadly, they were all killed by a disease that we can vaccinate for, yet vets want to wait. It is time for that protocol to change and it will change here, immediately! Their deaths shattered my soul. It was senseless and tragic. Ultimately, it was my fault and I will carry that guilt for the rest of my life. I offered to babysit a group of kittens for a lady who was going on vacation. I asked questions, they had been to the vet, etc. What I didnt know is that another kitten was brought in, ever so briefly in a box…just long enough to pass on PanLeuk before leaving. It’s not the ladies fault, it was a simple mistake. However, now my babies and hers are paying the price. I can order vaccines and administer myself. I usually buy them from the local Tractor Supply or Rural King for $7 a piece. They require 2 doses, 2 weeks apart. I can now purchase them online, 25 doses for approximately $150 with overnight delivery with cooler and ice. I will need 2, for $300 total. We also still owe our vet for treatment for Annie and the other kittens who passed away. Last week we owed $312. I have to pay it all before Charlie can have his leg amputated. Once all the URI (upper respiratory infection) symptoms are gone, I have 23 kitties that require spay/neuter surgeries. Males are $40 and Females are $45. Plus, we are still fundraising for an incubator. We are a little over halfway there ❤ This is the part I hate about being a nonprofit rescue. I absolutely hate asking people for money but I will do anything that I can to ensure these babies have a bright, healthy and happy future. Will you help me save them??? Together, you and I can save these precious babies 🐈 Our links are in our BIO for PayPal/Venmo/CashApp. If each of our followers would send $2, I would be set for the rest of the year. $3 and I could buy food for the year. $4 and litter for the year. $5 and our vet bills would be covered! Every penny counts!

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