Butterfly Wing Unique Necklace – Hand Painted Hand Made, Butterfly Necklace, Colorful Necklace, Hand Painted Necklace, Adjustable Necklace by ArtsByCrazyDaisy

These are hand painted, hand made necklaces. They all vary slightly, as they are hand painted, but I guarantee they are all beautiful! Look at the individual listings I have in my shop and choose your favorite!

Each of my necklaces is hand painted in watercolors by me, using high quality watercolors, then hand cut and sealed with several coats of varnish.

The watercolor paper is 4 times reinforced for strength and durability, before it is painted on and coated with the varnish. The end result is a hard pendant.

Each one of them is an unique piece of wearable art. Not one is like the other.

It measures approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches wide.

The necklace cord is cut to 36 inches and tied in a way that it can be adjusted, so you can wear it shorter or longer around your neck.

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