Calcite, Carnelian Agate, and Quartz Orgone Pyramid Tower Buster – Sacral Chakra Healing – Reiki, Meditation by TheIndigoOutpost

Item Details:
-Listing is for one (1) Calcite, Carnelian Agate, Brass, and Quartz Orgone Pyramid Tower Buster
-Orgone Pyramid is approx. 2” length and width and 2” tall.

Orgone can be used to improve the energy everywhere. It is thought that Orgone transforms harmful EMF particle waves into brand new positive energy.

This Orgone Pyramid is infused with: one copper wire wrapped clear Quartz crystal point; Calcite Stones, Carnelian Agate, and Brass Shavings; all encased in resin. The compression of the hardened resin on the Crystals, Metals, and Copper amplify the Quartz Crystal's piezoelectrical ability to cleanse energy.

Carnelian is great for meditation and is said to bring wandering minds back to focus. Carnelian is thought to embolden shy personalities and enhance creativity.

Carnelian is associated with:
•The Sacral Chakra (Svadishthana, Second) Chakra
•Joie De Vive – Love of Life, High Energy, Positivity
•Heightened Concentration and Perception
•Relationship Rekindling, Warmth, and Joy

Calcite is said to be a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy, removing stagnant energy.

Calcite is associated with:
•The Sacral Chakra (Svadishthana, Second) Chakra
•Heightened emotional intelligence, energy, and motivation
•Enhanced memory, intellectual analysis and discernment
•Self confidence, self trust, feelings of serenity

Clear Crystal Quartz is revered as one of the most powerful soul cleansers, healers, and energy transmitters. Clear Crystal Quartz are often personified as living entities; Clear Quartz vibrates at all of the Chakra color frequencies and is said to be great for meditation, energy alignment, and energy amplification.

Clear Crystal Quartz is associated with:
•The Third Eye and Throat (Anja, Vishuddha) Chakras
•Energy Healing, Amplifying, Transmitting, Unblocking, and Regulating
•Powerful Energy Cleansing
•Aligning and Harmonizing of all of the Chakras

Quick Theories About Orgone

•Protects from ELF and EMF radiation and Electropollution.
•Purifies air and water.
•Transforms negative energy into positive energy.
•Great for gardening, plants grow healthier.
•Encourages more balanced and happier moods.
•Helps eliminate nightmares for more restful sleep.
•Promotes intuition and enhances psychic senses.

Because this item is handmade, some irregularities may occur during casting such as bubbles or texture variations which do not affect the quality or function of the Orgone device.

Energy is the pure essence of everything; it is creation itself; it is joy, love, light, and unity. Please, enjoy your Orgone Pyramid!

~~Kind regards and blessings 🙂

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