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Candy Red Cherry Earrings Gold Seasonal Bohemian Summer Fashion Green Leaves & Red Cherries Handmade by Sassy Parrot Gems by SassyParrotGems

The warmer seasons provide all sorts of fruits, berries, vegetables, etc. but there's one fruit that many many people look forward to… Cherries!!
Mount Rainier bright red cherries in the grocery stores are a delightful sign of warmer weather! We love cherries so much that we had to make an iconic pair of cherry earrings! These handmade green wire wrapped cherries are the perfect outfit accessory. They hang two inches off the ear and are made with red glass cherries and green glass leaves; therefore this is a very durable pair of earrings!

Variation upgrades are available at checkout! The classic earring hook is the Dangle & Drop style which is comfortable and easy to wear, but not always preferable. At Sassy Parrot Gems we are happy to upgrade the earring hooks to a Leverback Hook style. Many people prefer the Leverback hook style for their durability, security, and comfortable; never mind how cute they are!

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