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Crystal Ball Glass Ring, Magic Dichroic Glass Ball Ring, Colorful Gazing Ball, Large Statement Ring, Fun Gypsy Jewelry, Goth Looking Ball by MMartiniuk

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This handmade, magic inspired crystal ball dichroic glass ring is the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe and will be great to use for fun interaction with your friends. The photos above are all of the same piece to show the amazing variety of color shift. Handcrafted glass will have minor imperfections, tiny bubbles and color shift variances that add character to each unique piece. The adjustable antiqued brass or antiqued silver plated band is a sturdy base with a lovely decorated bezel for perfect form and function. The 16 mm half round color shift metallic glass looking ball ring will be one of your favorite jewelry pieces and it is created with durable and comfortable materials to be used and worn everyday. The glass picks up the merest hint of light and returns it in a beautiful glowing luminescent refractory of color. These are made individually by hand and every ring is made with the highest quality in mind. The one you receive will have very minor differences in glass color shift as the glass is made with hand decorated techniques as well.

♡ This arrives with a nice gift box and packaging with a product description card ready to wear or give as a gift with no need to rewrap. Shipping will be USPS First Class Mail.

Care – Your new jewelry can be worn during everyday activities, just be careful with harsh chemicals or acids like vinegar as these will oxidize the metals. Safe cleaning can be done with a light wax and a soft cloth to polish. Glass, like most semi precious stones can scratch when abraded with harder surfaces so be mindful with cleaning and daily use.

♡ A Little Info About Dichroic Glass : Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metal oxides (gold, silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, silicon) are vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. The vapor then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. This is sometimes followed by a protective layer of quartz crystal. The finished glass can have as many as 30 to 50 layers of these materials yet the thickness of the total coating is approximately 30 to 35 millionths of an inch (about 760 to 890 nm). The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and, by careful control of thickness, different colors are obtained. Dichroic glass has the unique property of showing different colors depending on how the light is reflected or refracted.♡ Please note that pictures may have darker or lighter colors on different monitors and the pieces are usually much brighter and more colorful than portrayed in these pictures.Thank you for shopping handmade and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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