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Detachable teepee mat for the Regular/XL size kids teepee by TucsonTeepee

The perfect matching mat for the teepee is here.
This is the matching mat for the Regular size teepee and XL size teepee.

Can you give me a reason why I need to buy mat from TucsonTeepee instead of other places?
Because it is WAY BETTER!
1) The mat is designed to be better.
It comes with canvas mat cover, mat insert, and loops and ties to secure it in place for you.
The cover is deep envelope style (the same as a pillow cover).It will make the mat more durable, and much easier to wash. Just the same benefits what the pillowcase cover brings you.
Rope loops are added at the corners of the mat insert and mat cover.

2) The mat use better material
The mat insert comes with TWO layers of batting, way thicker and more comfortable!
The detachable mat cover is made with 10 oz canvas .
We always listen to our customers. Some customer said previous mat was not thick enough, so we upgrade our mat insert to TWO layers of batting. (FYI: every single layer is 10oz batting)

FYI: I will use matching unbleached canvas or white canvas for the cover as default as most of my tents come with unbleached base or white base.

Want something different?
We have Faux fur rug in the store as well!
It is listed here
If you are looking for the mat with smaller base matching XS/S size teepee, please check out the listing here

How should I choose from canvas mat and faux fur rug?
It is really up to you.
Faux fur rug is soft enough if you have carpet floor.
Canvas mat with double batting will give you more cushion if you have solid wood floor

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