Feeding time at the…

Feeding time at the zoo. These babies are growing…chunky is the best word ❤ 2 litters are coming Tuesday, so I will have my hands full. Another intake is coming. Please spay and neuter. The best rule of thumb is, if you feed it, Fix It!!! Countless fosters like myself work tirelessly, around the clock, and yet millions of kittens are euthanized. MILLIONS. Let that soak in. My heart breaks. I’ve got to accept that I can only do so much, so I will make a difference for the kitties I can help. PLEASE consider becoming a foster parent for a rescue or shelter near you. You can save lives…the one you take and the next one who takes its place. * * 🐱Our current needs are 42 inch crates, they hold a momma and babies. If I have crates, I can take litters, nobody turned away! All mine are full but I have space for about 4 more. Available on AMAZON for $42 🐱 We also need MILK replacement, Miracle Nipples, Syringes, puppy pads, and electric heating pads that stay on (no auto kick off) to keep neonatals warm. Available on AMAZON for $13. 🐱 Every donation is GREATLY appreciated and every single dime goes to these precious babies. * * WWW.PAYPAL.ME/PIGGLES * * AMAZONWISHLIST www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1ZX0M * Venmo venmo.com/code?user_id=2722695758217216537 * * THE ONE EYED MOMMA CAT REMAINS AT THE VET, RECOVERING FROM HER SURGERIES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS. SHE STILL NEEDS A LITTLE OVER $200 FOR HER SURGERIES AND EXTENDED STAY DUE TO AN UTERINE INFECTION. LUCKILY, SHE WAS ALREADY AT THE VET, OR SHE COULD’VE EASILY DIED FROM BECOMMING SEPTIC (INFECTION WENT TO HER BLOODSTREAM). IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO CALL THE VETS OFFICE AND DONATE DIRECTLY TO HIM, PLEASE CALL DR. LEE AT 859-74 * * #SPAYANDNEUTER #TNR #RESCUEDISMYFAVORITEBREED #PIGGLESANDFRIENDSRESCUE #KITTEN #ORPHAN #CATSOFINSTAGRAM #COI #CATS_OF_INSTAGRAM #HELPME #RESCUEWORKS #RESCUECAT #BOTTLEBABY #BOTTLEFED #RESCUED #KITTENS #PURR #SOS #MEOW #DONATIONSSAVELIVES #PLEASEHELP #DONATIONSNEEDED #PAYPAL #VENMO #AMAZONWISHLIST * * Wanna see some other PAWsome kitties??? Go visit some of meow furriends ❤ @melvintheflurff @btb0530 @jax.max.calli @catsbeingcrazycats @boo_the_cat2000

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