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Globe Thistle Bunch-Natural Dried Thistle Echinops Green and Purple flowers /Wedding Bouquet-Boutonniere Flower by TeresasPlants

2019 crop Echinops, or Globe Thistle, has a wonderful natural blue color for a spiky pod. You are getting a bundle that has 4 to 5 oz in it with leaves that may or may not be attached and in a protective sleeve and shipped priority mail in a sturdy box.

I love the variation of NATURAL color here in each bunch and they look great with those beautiful yellow craspedias AKA Billy Balls that I have here:

The pods average from 1" diameter to about 2" with some being slightly smaller or larger. I show photos here with stems already removed and I do sell like this as well.

Grown in the USA!

Several photos are shown here but what you are getting is just the one sleeved bundle with about 20-25 flower buds(assorted sized heads) on 10-12 stems up to 18"+ long.


If any heads have popped off you can easily hot glue them on to the stems again. This does happen at times.

We also have a deeper blue that is a preserved and dyed shown here.

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