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Great photo of our…

Great photo of our student, Lynne, and guest coach, Martin Lamb of Fred Astaire’s International Dance Council. Martin is an experienced Technique Specialist, Competitive Trainer and Mind Coach for Professionals, Amateurs and Students, in addition to being a Lecturer, Choreographer and world-class Adjudicator. Martin has competed and taught all over the world, at every level of dance. He has officiated in National and Open Championships of New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, British Open, USA Open, Austrian Open, International, European and World Cups, Japan International and Icelandic Open. He has demonstrated in UK, USA, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Iceland, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Japan, Indonesia, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore. Thank you, Martin, for visiting our studio today!

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