Handmade metal box, round locket for good luck charms, perfect Christmas gift, new year 2019, aged copper, customisable shiny by Threadallic

This locket is also available in sterling silver and you can get it here:

Here is a tiny, round, copper box to fit all your good luck charms for the new year.
It is made from scratch, with copper and it is 2.5cm wide and 1.2cm tall when closed.
It can fit tiny things that you cherish or a picture of a loved one. You can even save a ring in it!
The patina is unique on every piece as it produced by the fire used to construct it.

The cord is 90cm long, so it sits under your chest but you can easily make it shorter by cutting it and making a knot to the length you wish.

All of my items are handmade and I make them in my workshop in Athens.
I love making jewelry and sharing it is the best experience of my life.
If you like my pieces and you do decide to make them yours, I sincerely hope you cherish them 💜

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