Handmade sterling silver ring and pendant. Your choice, versatile jewelry, perfect gift! by Threadallic

Handmade silver 925 ring that doubles as a pendant. A minimalist versatile design that can accompany you everyday no matter what you choose to wear.
Everything is handmade, even the clasp is silver and made by be!
You can attach the cord with a simple knot if you choose to wear it as a pendant and just take it off and wear it in your finger.
I offer two different cord lengths.
45cm length cord will be between the neck and chest, 100cm length cord will be under your chest.

If you don't know your ring size, you can either go to a jeweller and have them measure it, or you can measure the perimeter of your finger in millimeter and then use the converter in link below:

All of my items are handmade and I make them in my workshop in Athens.
I love making jewelry and sharing it is the best experience of my life.
If you like my pieces and you do decide to make them yours, I sincerely hope you cherish them 💜

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