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Heart Chakra Mala Bracelet, Yoga Jewelry, Wrist Mala, Mantra Bracelet, Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz – Love, Emotional Healing by MishkaSamuel

Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Mala Bracelet – For Love, Emotional Healing and Well-Being

This mala bracelet was designed with heart chakra healing in mind. It features two high quality natural gemstones: Green Aventurine and beautiful faceted Rose Quartz. It will make a wonderful companion to those who seek emotional healing, encouragement, optimism and love. Rose Quartz opens heart chakra, calms, comforts and heals the heart while Green Aventurine brings positivity, harmony and feeling of well-being (see below for a full description of each stone).

A truly meaningful piece of yoga jewelry, this mantra bracelet will serve as a reminder of your intentions throughout the day. A perfect tool for a quick meditation to calm and re-focus.

The wrist mala is strung with 16 (8mm) Green Aventurine beads, 5 (8mm) faceted Rose Quartz beads and handmade copper beads. I strung each bead on a hight quality stretch cord for comfort. It fits nicely 6.25 to 6.75 inch wrist. Custom sizes are available, just let me know your wrist measurement!

As always, this heart chakra mala bracelet comes cleansed, charged and beautifully gift wrapped with a description of its metaphysical properties. A thoughtful gift for that special someone!

Rose Quartz is said to be the most important crystal for heart and heart chakra. It can purify and open the heart and teach us the true essence of love. It is believed to attract love, restore relationships and also to heal the heart and emotional conditions that no longer serve.
Rose quartz is also said to be calming, reassuring and to help to overcome trauma or crisis. It can draw off negative energy and replace it with positive vibes. It can strengthen empathy and sensitivity and help to accept necessary change.
This stone is believed to encourage self-acceptance and self-trust and to teach us how to love ourselves.

Green Aventurine is a stone of positivity, harmony and healing. It is believed that Aventurine enhances optimistic approach in life, calms anger and encourages a feeling of well-being. Known for stimulation of emotional healing, it promotes living within one’s own heart. Additionally, Aventurine is said to balance one’s state of mind, promote compassion, stimulate perception and enhance creativity. It is also said to be helpful in decision-making and leadership.
It is known to be helpful with lowering the effects of cell phone emanations, electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Aventurine has been used to protect the heart chakra.

All of my items are mindfully handcrafted with love and attention to details. I make all of the malas using high quality gemstones. Please expect a slight variation in the stones as these are a true representation of nature’s intent. I believe that Mother Nature provides us with exceptional beauty and I respect her creations.

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