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Hemp Cord, 1mm, 430 Feet, Lilac Macrame Cord, Jewelry Cord by HempBeadery

Colored hemp cord, 1mm, 430 Feet ball. This hemp is soft, easy to work with and polished making it a good choice for macrame and jewelry making

Thickness – Approximately 1mm
Length – Approximately 430 Feet
20lb test strength
100 gram ball


What is hemp dyed with?
Chemical free, plant based dye that can return to the rivers and streams once the dye process is completed. Hemp is dyed in batches and color shades vary between each batch so variations in color are to be expected.

Is hemp waxed?
Hemp is not coated in any wax unless it is listed as beeswax. Wheat starch is used to polish the cord to remove flyways but that is a different finishing process.

Does hemp vary in thickness and length?
Hemp is measured in milimeters and feet based on industry standard sizes but measurements may vary and are meant to be used as a guide only. For example a cord may measure 0.8mm by a ruler but it will be rounded up to the nearest full number.

Are the colors accurately presented?
We take product images in natural light to show true shades of color as best as possible. But computer monitors show shades of color differently and in different light situations colors may appear lighter or darker. Colors also vary between dye lots and so it is not possible to color match exactly without seeing the product in person.

Will the product have tie knots and natural flaws in it?
Due to the natural manufacturing process of hemp fiber you may find tie knots, unevenness in thickness or dye coverage, knotty bits etc.

If you are not sure what product is right for your project or have a question send a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

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