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Homemade All Natural Deodorant | DIY

Today I share one of my favorite recipes I learned from the YouTube channel "Off Grid with Doug and Stacy" (their video linked below). Super easy to make and it actually works!! Keeps body odor away while keeping the armpits fresh and clean! Thanks for watching! **In the video I accidentally called the American Cancer Society the "American Cancer Institute" I apologize for the mishap.. find link to original article below. Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Pit Paste Video: bit.ly/2OALVdV Printable Deodorant Recipe: bit.ly/2MlYc4U Ingredient List: Bentonite Clay: amzn.to/2H9jYEW
Baking Soda: amzn.to/2MlZwEU
Corn Starch (baking soda alternative): amzn.to/2ZaPwk9
Arrowroot Powder: amzn.to/2H9njnl
Coconut Oil: amzn.to/2Z8pq0O
Essential Oils: bit.ly/2CXFRGU Favorite Essential Oils Book: amzn.to/2PdY227 Information Sources in Video: American Cancer Society Article on deodorant and cancer: bit.ly/2hm7oYJ
Eyewitness Visual Dictionaries. The Visual Dictionary of Human Anatomy. New York: A DK Publishing Book, 1996.
Information on Antiperspirant Deodorant: bit.ly/1FP0sqa
The Science behind sweat and body odor: bit.ly/33EbwqI
Article on estrogen and cancer: cle.clinic/2z0lOn7
Article on effects of high estrogen in the body: bit.ly/2KzJENc MORE SUSTAINABLE YOU : Products listed below with an * help support our channel!
We are now partners with www.steelmystraws.com! By purchasing sustainable straws through the link below you help support our channel! *Stainless Steel Straws: bit.ly/2Ji82mT My favorite essential oils: bit.ly/2CXFRGU Our Graphic Designer: www.hannahpike.studio/ CONTACT INFO:
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