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Interchangeable Letters, Home Wooden Letters, Valentines Day Gift, Seasonal Decor, Wooden Heart by TimelessNotion

Celebrate Valentines Day with this beautifully created home wooden letters with the heart sign insert that has been personalized. Perfect decor for all year round. These custom cut wooden letters spells out 'HME' with interchangeable 'O'. Update them to reflect current celebration that you are celebration in your family. You can purchase the letter 'HME' and then the various different 'O' inserts individually. These letters and cut outs comes completely painted/finished with coordinating paper background so all you have to do is just simply display them for everyone to enjoy. Unique gift idea for many occasions.

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Material – Birch Wood
Height – 6" tall (HME)
Width – Approximately 26" including 'O' insert shape
Depth – 1/2" thickness

1. Select your quantity from the first drop down menu
2. Select your preferred 'O' insert image from the second drop down menu
3. Click or tap the green “add to cart” button

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