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My Natural Laundry Soap is made with handcrafted cold process soap, naturally occurring minerals, and pure essential oils. My laundry soap leaves your clothes clean and soft, no fabric softener needed.

I developed this laundry soap out of necessity for my family because we have very sensitive skin and allergies to many commercial laundry detergents and fabric softeners. This natural laundry soap is what I have been using to wash our clothes and Little Bear’s cloth diapers.

It is a fragrance free and borax free product. Only scented with 100% NATURAL and PURE ESSENTIAL OILS, made with real soap to provide you with fresh, clean, laundry…Naturally. Better for your health and for our environment.

• No fabric softener needed- clothes are soft without it.
• HE machine compatible.
• Works great in any temperature.
• Safe for the environment and your septic system.
• Biodegradable, Phosphate Free, Sulfate Free.
• Vegan.
• Perfect for sensitive skin and baby's laundry & cloth diapers.
• Borax Free.

• 23 oz in a resealable bag. Good for 32 or 64HE Loads.
• 7 lbs in a paper bag. Good for 173 or 346HE Loads.

SCENT: scented with 100% NATURAL and PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. Please choose a blend selection above.

Please note that soaps made with essential oils tend to have a milder scent compared to the fragrances that our noses are accustomed to.

How to use:
• Top loading machines: 1 tablespoon cleans a large load beautifully, whites come out nice and bright.
• HE or Front loading machines: Use 1/2 tablespoon.
• For extra hard water, try adding 1/2 cup of vinegar in your rinse compartment for super soft clothes.

Paraben Free | Phthalate Free | SLS Free
Cruelty Free | Not Tested on Animals

*For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Big Bear (and Little Bear)

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