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Lighted Terrarium with Live moss-Quartz crystal terrarium by TeresasPlants

Take indoor gardening to the next level with an LED multi-color lighted terrarium! get them with a raised base or not.

Unique flask shape made of clear glass. Symmetrical flared base with round rim and a flat base for stability.

Battery-operated LED multi-color light in cork lid. I have then added a small removeable ball lid that covers the light/battery opening and sprayed it black. Instruction sheet to operate light is included.

Size – 4" L x 4" W x 4.75" H (without the extra pedestal base)

Last photo shows other styles that were made so you can see how the lights look

This terrarium is filled with our hydrostones and soil then planted with our beautiful rough-stalk moss. I then added 3 colors of crystal chunks gathered around Mammoth cave.

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