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Live Tree Moss (Climacium Dendroid) – Terrarium moss, Vivarium moss, Bog Garden by TeresasPlants

I love this moss!

You will get a 6×6 sandwich bag full that may have some soil attached.

Climacium dendroides is commonly called Tree Moss.
Great bog plant.

It gets its name from the fact that it grows in colonies that appear like forests of little trees. Actually, upper canopy of tree moss is much larger than most all other mosses, about .75-1.5” in spread and a height of 1-3”. New growth will be deep green while older growth or colonies in too much sun will be a yellow-green-brownish color.

Mature colonies form interwoven mounds that may grow 4-5” tall. Ideal to use for water filtration and storm water run-off. Climacium grows in deep shade as well as partial sun exposures.

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