Look at how far…

Look at how far Carl has come in the last week. From being homeless, alone and hurt to being rescued where he hissed at anything that moved near him…to this! Cuddling with One-Eyed Pete 🐱💖🐈 Carl has his 2nd doctors appointment today at 3pm. I will post the bill and plan of care later this afternoon. Please, if you can spare $5, every little bit adds up! Every single penny goes straight to the vet for Carls care! WWW.PAYPAL.ME/PIGGLES OR the linktree link is in our BIO. Other needed items are more wet foo, dry food and litter. Our Amazon wishlist is in our BIO as well. Amazon prices with free delivery are cheaper than my local Wal-Mart. #donationsSaveKittenlives #Rescuedismyfavoritebreed #DONATIONSNEEDED #CarlTheOneEyedCat #PigglesandfriendsRescue

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