Marovato ocean jasper pendant, yellow and gray stone, natural stone pendant, power stone necklace, Instinct, spiritual jewelry by Gwynstone

This natural stone pendant is a very beautiful stone, ocean jasper. 18 inch snake chain.

Marovato Ocean Jasper is only found in one place, the remote northwestern corner of Madagascar, an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa. However there are actually two different sources, about ten miles apart:

Marovato: The mine near the village of Marovato is directly on the shoreline. The material there comes in a wide range of colors.
Kabamby: The mine near the village of Kabamby is further inland. The material there tends to be dark green and golden yellow, sometimes cream and red.
Although the mine near Kabamby is still productive, the deposits near Marovato are currently exhausted.

This pendant is part of the bohemian Geometry Collection by Gwynstone

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