Meet our newest bottle…

Meet our newest bottle baby, YODA ❤ He was found alone, eaten up with fleas and I can only imagine what parasites internally. He was so dehydrated that I waited to make sure he was going to pull through before sharing him. His gums were almost white from loss of blood to fleas. He isn’t big enough to draw blood to check his levels plus he needs every single drop…so he is getting all sorts of yummy stuff low doses that I will increase slowly. His tummy is getting small amounts of formula often. We started out every 10 minutes and have now worked up to hourly…this momma is T I R E D but if he lives it is all worth it. 🥰 He has the largest forehead I’ve ever seen on a kitten…when he eats, he pulls his ears down and looks dead on YODA, so he named himself. I guess we will go with a Star Wars theme with the bottle babies this year. I always put off naming them until their personalities emerge and just sweet talk them with names like Boo Boo and Honey Bunny when I’m talking to them. 🐷 I would love to encourage everyone to think about becoming a foster home for local rescues or shelters. You save 2 lives for every 1 you take. Right now, pregnant momma cats everywhere are being euthanized due to lack of space and resources. Y’all I cry at least once a day…I feel like I’m trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon…but I try and remember that I am making a difference in the lives of the babies I have here. If I can answer any questions about fostering, I’m always happy to. Just shoot me a message or comment below. 🐾 Our greatest needs right now are: another crate so I can take in another pregnant Momma kitty and get her out of the shelter, canned wet food for kittens and adults, heating pads that stay on to keep the babies warm and any kind of cotton towels or blankets. You wouldn’t believe the amount of linens we go through each day (plus puppy pads). MIRACLE NIPPLES are a top request as well. 🥰 I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support from our friends and supporters like you and our besties below 😘😘😘 @melvintheflurff @kelly_patnode @loulouahanano @btb0530 @boo_the_cat2000 @cocoscloset29 (who is DONATING a % of may sales)

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