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This is a very unique piece of art with a full 3-D look. This piece is made from bronze wire that is a little more expensive than the standard color of wire that is used in the other sculptures.

The tree pictured is approximately 10 " (25cm) tall, has about 180 limbs, and roots that are approximately 30" (76cm) for a full length of approximately 40 (102cm)". The 24" (61cm) tree has a 6" (15cm) tree and about 18" (46cm) of roots. The 32" (81cm) tree has a tree size of about 8" 20cm) with about 24" (61cm) in roots.

I have made these trees up to 8 ft in total height. Please send an email requesting quote on delivery time, cost, and freight charges.

Add this piece to your home, office, or restaurant for a stunning display of wire tree art on your wall.

Please note: The length of the roots will vary depending on how they are sculpted and if they need to be furled for shipping. Roots may need to be unfurled to get desired length of roots.

Please see my other wall and tree sculptures…


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