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Moss samples-Mood Moss-Pillow Moss-Preserved Moss-Sheet moss-You choose Moss type-Pillow-Mood Moss-Fern Moss or Carpet Moss- 4"x6" bag by TeresasPlants

Just like the LIVE moss samples you can now get a small sample of the New softer and larger sections of PRESERVED moss types that I carry.

REMEMBER THIS IS REAL MOSS JUST NOT LIVING ANYMORE…it is preserved and requires NO water.

Listed is the varieties of what you can choose from as seen in photos here.

Pillow Moss/Cushion Moss shown photos 5-6 and 7
Mood Moss-Shown in photos 1-3 and 6
Delicate fern Moss in sheets on the table photos 4 and 5 Also pointing to it as a filler for another frame I did.
Carpet/sheet Moss 2nd 7th and 8th photos-This is used as a flatter filler seen in the framed piece.

This is the small snack bag that is half the size of a regular sandwich bag about 4"x6".

You will get 1 variety your choice. If you want a mixture tell me types at checkout in notes.

You can also choose lighter shades of green or darker as seen inseveral photos here.

EACH piece of moss will always dye a bit differently because this is a natural plants.

The 3rd and 6th picture shows different styles of our mood moss that grows here in AR and what yours may look like.

6th photo shows assorted mood moss and then on far left you see 6 pieces of our pillow moss next to the mood.

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