Piggles adores this box…

Piggles adores this box for having tall sides. As you can see, he is leaning against it for stability. For our new followers, Piggles has a mild/moderate case of #CH #cerebellularhypoplasia. I suggest you google for a in depth definition but in short, it makes him a wobbly boy. He rarely walks straight. He uses the wall, or boxes, to support himself. When he was found as an abandoned neonatal baby, his umbilical cord was just drying, but 2 bott flies laid larvae under his skin, just behind his left ear. Thankfully, we found and removed the bott fly larvae. However, the infection from them caused rhe CH (vets best guess). He has been a bottle baby from day 1…his mom abandoned him, left to die after birth…lucky for him a boy found him and he found his way to me, barely clinging to life. He is a fighter and that saved him while he stayed in the incubator ❤ He is the sweetest baby ever ❤ Donations are greatly needed now to save babies just like Piggles. Kitten season is coming and our incubator died. It costs more to fix than to buy a new one. Yes, they are expensive but they save lives. If each of our followers would send $1.00, just a dollar it would add up and we could care for these babies without stress of where we are going to get baby milk from, etc. I absolutely HATE asking for money but without donations we can’t continue to provide care. Even day to day operations, such as therapy for Piggles, adds up and the vet and cremation bills wiped us out. PLEASE HELP Piggles and the rest of the itty bitty kitty crew ❤

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