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Planner COVER, Happy Planner Cover, Erin Condren Cover, Recollections Cover, Levenger Cover: "Wild-and-Free", nebula background, 10-mil lam. by JeePapeterieShop

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the planner COVER(S) ONLY and does NOT include the planner or any photo props. These planner covers are handmade to fit the planner but are NOT exact replicas of the original covers.

– LAMINATED: Sturdy thickness of 10-millimeters, heat-laminated cover.
– CORNER: Rounded.
– FRONT COVER: The design is a modern + calligraphy font: "Wild and Free"! The quote goes well with the wild & bold florals against the splashes of a nebula background. The inside of the cover is solid white. Printed on 100# cardstock. Florals and background artwork originated by www.CreateTheCut.com.
– BACK COVER: nebula background design (see 1st photo). Inside of back cover is solid white.
>> PLEASE NOTE: I do my best to represent the true color within the photos, but keep in mind that the graphics and resolutions may vary among computer screens and phone screens, and the shading/lighting may differ slightly from photo to photo due to the reflective nature of the laminated surface. <<<<<

A) Erin Condren Life Planner [ECLP]: approximately 7.25"(W) X 9.25"(H), 35-holes coil-binding punched with slits, with margin depth of 2.5mm (same as the EC).
B) Happy Planner Big* [HP Big]: 9.25" (W) x 11.50" (H), 11-holes punched by Circa Levenger
C) Happy Planner Classic [HP Classic]: approximately 7.75"(W) X 9.75"(H), 9-holes punched by Circa Levenger
D) Happy Planner Half Sheet [HP Half Sheet]: approximately 5.00"(W) 9.75"(H), 8-holes punched by Circa Levenger
E) Happy Planner Micro [HP Micro]: approximately 3.50"(W) X 4.50"(H), 4-holes punched by Circa Levenger
F) Happy Planner Mini [HP Mini]: approximately 5.125"(W) 7.50"(H), 7-holes punched by Circa Levenger
G) Levenger Compact [Levenger Compact]: approximately 4.50" (W) x 7.00" (H), 7-holes punched by Circa Levenger
H) Levenger Junior [Levenger/Arc Junior]: approximately 6.25"(W) X 8.625"(H), 8-holes punched by Circa Levenger
I) Recollections Medium [Recollections Medium): Approximately 7.625"(W) X 9.25"(H), 34-holes coil-binding punched with slits, with margin depth of 4.5mm (same as the Recollections).
J) Recollections Mini [Recollections Mini]: Approximately 5.125" (W) X 7.125" (H), 26-holes coil-binding punched with slits, with margin depth of 4.5mm (same as Recollections).
K) Recollections Big* (listed as Recol Big): Approximately 7.625"(W) x 9.25"(H), 44-holes coil-binding punched with slits, with margin depth of 2.5mm (same as the Big Recollections).

*NOTE REGARDING BIG HP AND BIG RECOLLECTIONS SIZES: These covers are processed on our wide-format printers, and therefore, the colors are similar but do vary slightly different from the colors of the smaller prints. But rest assured, the quality is amazing on the wide-format printers!

A) Front Cover ONLY
B) Front & Back Covers


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