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Printed Monthly Insert: SEPARATED MONDAY-START, 12-Months & 2 Annual, MO2P (3.7" x 6.7" Personal-Size or 4.25"x6.75" Franklin Compact) by JeePapeterieShop

– 2 Annual Calendars with Holidays Lists: 2017 & 2018
– 12-monthly calendars (choose from available options for time range & additional months, or undated)
– SEPARATED MONTHLY CALENDAR: The first page is the month's intro sheet (shows month's name and year, and blank for the remainder of the sheet to be used for doodling, decorating, notes, or whatever). This separated monthly calendar setup is ideal for those who like to organize their calendar into monthly sections.

>>>IMPORTANT: If you want to order a WEEKLY calendar set from our shop to fit in between these monthly calendars, it is best to just order the "SET OF MONTHLY + WEEKLY". The PERPETUAL weekly calendars alone are not formatted to be divided up into monthly sections since they do not have hard-breaks in between them.

**** Planner binder, decorations, and photo props are NOT included. Only inserts are included.****

– Monday through Sunday setup. If you want a Sunday-start calendar instead, please see the following link: www.etsy.com/listing/545350836/printed-monthly-insert-separated-sunday?ref=shop_home_active_13
– 6-rows of calendar spaces, so no dates ever share the same box!
– Weekly count (1st through 52nd week labeled for visual weekly countdown to end of year)
– Previous Month & Next Month at-a-glance on every monthly page
– Holidays are not typed in, so you can hand-letter, stamp, or use your own holiday sticker – or ignore the holiday completely if you don't celebrate it. A list of some popular holidays are on the yearly calendars for reference.
– Each day's box is 1.00" height (0.75" wide for personal-size; 0.85" wide for Franklin Compact size, and 0.95 wide for Foxy-Fix Personal-Wide)
– Clean & minimalist design of a black & white print allows more flexibility for those who choose to color-code or decorate the inserts without having other pre-set colors to accommodate to.

A) 3.25" x 4.75", 6-holes punched for POCKET-size planners
B) 3.75" x 6.75", 6-holes punched for PERSONAL-Size Color Crush / kikki.K MEDIUM
C) 3.75" x 6.75", 7 Disc-Punch for Circa LEVENGER COMPACT size
D) 4.25" x 6.75", 6-holes punched for FRANKLIN COMPACT planners
E) 4.75" x 6.75", 6-holes punched for FOXY FIX PERSONAL-WIDE
F) 4.1" x 5.3", 6-hole spunch for A6 like the GILLIO A6

>>>>NOTE: Because all items are handmade, there may be a slight variation of measurement by 0.125".

Currently not available.

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