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Ratephilly coming at you…

Ratephilly coming at you again with your pre-sips recommendation. A few weeks ago, we tried out Spice 28 (and already went back a second time for non sips happy hour) and were blown away by the amount of choices on the menu. We got sapphire saketini, Long Island iced tea, dragon nectar, ahi tuna dumplings, potstickers, thai spring roll, wontons in chili oil, Peking duck bun, and chicken lettuce wraps. All of the food was $5 or under, which is a great deal. Plus, all of the food was delicious. Our favorites were the wontons in chili oil and the lettuce wraps. Sips gets very busy, but they have happy hour every other weekday from 5-7 and the deals are almost exactly the same! We definitely recommend Spice 28 for your next happy hour spot!

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