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Real Moss-Preserved Sheet Moss-Thuidium Delicate Fern Moss-Gallon Bag floral moss-Wedding decor-Wreaths-Wedding moss by TeresasPlants

Preserved moss is REAL MOSS just that it is not alive anymore. You will be getting a Gallon bag here (9×12) that is filled with assorted sections of moss that will fill the bag side to side and top to bottom. This will cover about 1 square foot. Pieces can range from 4-6+ inches or more. Some even as large as the bag.

*****Thank you Roberta for the beautiful picture of the table you covered partially with our preserved moss…I LOVE it!*****

I sell the same moss in a smaller bag here:

This is the same moss I have used in terrariums sold here. You will never have to worry about how much water or light because it is completely preserved. Soft and green and you will love it.

The only thing you need to avoid is DIRECT sunlight all the time.if this is done…over time it will fade a bit. Also not good to mix live and preserved moss together.

This is wonderful for so many craft and wedding projects too! Great to lay on the tables as seen in wedding photos. Also wonderful for those vertical wall hangings everyone is doing now.

I show 2 colors here the lighter green then a bit darker grass green. Even the small spores may be seen and are preserved so this once beautiful living moss will NOT need any water and will be around for years of beauty and enjoyment.

Larger 12 square foot box here


I covered a 48" Round table that took a little over 18 square feet and a 30" round that shows about 6 square feet on it.

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