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Reindeer moss-Terrarium accessories-Floral moss-1 oz bag in 17 colors-Deer foot Moss-Mango-Red-Gray-Purple-Blue- 1 Oz. Bag Preserved Lichens by TeresasPlants

Soft Preserved Reindeer moss lichen in 17 pretty colors. Wine color is the last photo and next to the Azul/aqua.

You will get a bag filled with 1 Oz. laid out it is about a 5" x 5" square.

We have discontinued 5 colors because they were not as popular as the others.

Deer foot lichen comes in smaller pieces unlike it's cousin the reindeer moss lichen. You can see the sections are like deer hooves small sections usually in a clump but also shown here in individual sections.

There may be some small bits of pine needle in the moss which is just natural from where it grows. It is hard for me to remove every piece and still offer this great price.

These are preserved so NO WATER IS NEEDED to keep them alive.

Want ALL the colors look here:(Bags are stuffed with colors we have on hand,some colors may vary slightly).


Get a 2 Oz bag here:


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