Round Faceted Sterling Silver Peridot Studs by PangolinCreations

Sterling silver studs with faceted Peridot gemstones.

Peridot is the birthstone for August and would make an ideal birthday present or how about Mothers day or a beloved for Valentine!
Lovely gift for a friend or beloved one.


4mm Round faceted Peridot
Sterling silver

Care and Cleaning:

Peridot is a natural gemstone, if exposed to sudden changes of temperature or knocked it can be brittle.
The safest recommendation therefore is to avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaning and simply use hand warm water and a bit of soap. Wash gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush and pat dry after.

About Peridot:

: The birthstone for August.
: An ancient gemstone dating all the way back to the Pharoahs, in Egypt Peridot was called 'the gem of the sun'.
: The ancient Egyptians mined Peridot from the Red Sea island of Zabargad.
: Peridot is extraterrestial! It has been found in meteorites.
: Peridot has been used in dozens of cultures for millennia. Its long and diverse history cementing it in the ranks of the most positive useful stones in the world.
: Peridot is thought to promote positivity, it is also thought to have protective powers to help shield against bad luck and negative energy.

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