SALE!!! – Pink Pomelo handmade artisan soap with shea butter, natural skincare, perfume bar soap, skin loving by LittleBearBigBear

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Pink Pomelo handmade soap • 4.5-5 oz. Contains fragrance blend.

Pink Pomelo is a mouth watering sweet pomelo scent inspired by my grandma’s garden. This soap lathers beautifully and doesn’t dry out our skin due to the high fat content and high amount of Shea butter in each bar.

Scent: Pink pomelo, a citrus scent with a hint of sweetness. Made using fragrance blend.

Ingredients: distilled water, saponified oils and butters (extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter), titanium dioxide, earth pigment, and phthalate free fragrance oil.

Size: approximately 4.5-5 ounces per bar. Every individual bar is unique. No two are alike.

Packaging: Your soap is wrapped in paper, labeled, and wax sealed.

Vegan, cruelty free, and sustainable.

How to care: please keep dry between uses or in a draining soap dish.

Do you notice the glycerin river on the white part of this soap? Glycerin naturally occurs in cold process soap. It adds cleansing properties and attracts moisture to the skin so the skin stays hydrated. When the soap is too hot, the glycerin river is more visible. I actually really like the look of it. However, I decide to put this soap on sale due to its imperfection.

For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Paraben Free | Phthalate Free | SLS Free
Cruelty Free | Not Tested on Animals

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