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SEAS THE DAY Reclaimed Wood Used Rope Letters Nautical Sign White with Green Rope Letters by AlaskaRugCompany

This is a great new item we are adding to our RE-PURPOSED rope items.
THIS SIGN is: SEAS THE DAY on a piece of wood that we are re-purposing it is white with green rope letters and a natural outside trim.

A great sign to give as a gift to just about anyone but especially
boat owners
beach and lake home goers
coastal dwellers
wedding gifts
nautical themed events

Each has rope border with the rope whipping and decorating on and around the lining of the wood. Plus a rope hanger if requested. Please contact me for a custom listing ….

It is made from Alaskan Fisherman Ground Line that we are up-cycling.
Great wall pendant sign for anything really.
Love to make address sign and plaques as well so please let us know and we can quote you a custom price.

Please do allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery due to weather in Alaska and our mail service is via mail plane one time a week in the winter and twice in the summer and it is always weather permitting. (normally the turnaround time is less than 2 weeks but I would prefer to be safe and not sorry)

Please also don't hesitate to drop me a line if you are looking for wholesale account with us as or interested in a bulk buying for a discount.

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