Silver and brass bangle bracelet, hoops, playful, anti-stress, minimal, perfect gift by Threadallic

A beautiful silver bracelet with loose brass hoops. It is playful and simple and can help you deal with fidgeting.

The hoops can be moved around so you have a fidget toy on your wrist.

The bangle is made of hand-hammered, square wire and the hoops are handmade with brass.

It's simple and comfortable, you can open and close it by gently squeezing it to release the circle as shown in the pictures.

It accompany you everywhere and everyday.

The diameter of the bracelet is 6cm and the perimeter is 19cm.

All of my items are handmade and I make them in my workshop in Athens.
I love making jewelry and sharing it is the best experience of my life.
If you like my pieces and you do decide to make them yours, I sincerely hope you cherish them 💜

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