Sodalite bracelet, lava stone aromatherapy, gold moon bracelet, blue sodalite stone , sodalite essential oil diffuser jewelry – by Gwynstone

A rare departure from the silvery tones I usually use in my designs, this golden moon and blue sky sodalite combination just seemed right. The full moon smiles as you enjoy the aromatherapy of the perfect essential oil blend you can apply to the lava stones that will last through the full moon!

Bracelet is 7.5 inches but on stretch cord for a comfortable fit. The charm is primitive style moon and flower motif.

This piece is part of the Zen 4 collection by Zenmundi Designs

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✧ ⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ Zen = enlightened mundi = world ✧  

I make all my jewelry and items out of quality components so you can wear and enjoy or give them as a gift with confidence! Earrings make a great gift and you can never have too many! Good for birthday or a thank you gift for a moon child you know.

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