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Sphagnum moss 1 oz bags for orchids-Potting medium-Grapevine ball and basket stuffer by TeresasPlants

Long fiber – premium grade – long lasting sphagnum – Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water – Exceptional moisture retention – allows plants to breath – Sustainable harvest product – Excellent for anchoring roots in Orchid potting – Reduce watering frequency of hanging basket and outdoor pots – A top layer on potted plants reduces moisture loss – Soil amendment – ground cover and pot dressing.

I love to use this in my grapevine balls or wire sculptures to give the plants/moss that needed structure to grow and attach to.

Smaller bag with at least 1 oz full and also available in Large compacted bales as well here:

See photo where laid out it covers an area 10"x 15".

See other photos to see how long the fibers are …each green square is a 1"x 1"

Product Features

AAA Grade New Zealand Sphagnum Moss
The preferred grow media by commercial Phalaenopsis growers.
The only media used by serious Neofinetia enthusiasts.
Also used for orchid seedlings and any orchid that prefer a moisture-retentive, grow media.

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