Sterling Silver Oval Rhodolite Garnet Studs by PangolinCreations

Sterling silver oval garnet studs.
Perfect gift for those born in January.


6mm x 4mm Garnet
Sterling silver

Care and Cleaning:

Garnet is a natural gemstone, if exposed to sudden changes of temperature or knocked it can be brittle.
The safest recommendation therefore is to avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaning and simply use hand warm water and a bit of soap. Wash gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush and pat dry after.

About Garnet

: The birthstone for January
: Although a plentiful stone only a very small number of Garnets are pure and flawles enough to be used as gemstones. Most Garnet is used for industrial abrasive purposes.
: Registering 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.
: Garnets are not just red, they occur in a variety of colours, blue being especially rare.
: From a Greek word meaning 'seedlike' in reference to the pomegranite .
: Believed to have purifying qualities it is thought to help cleanse mind. body and spirit.

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