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Sterling Silver Pink/Green Tourmaline Ring by PangolinCreations

A sterling silver Tourmaline, round cabochon ring.
A simple and classic style ring set with a very pretty Tourmaline gemstone.
This ring also looks great stacked with other rings, plain bands or other gemstones.
Tourmaline is also the birthstone for October, perfect for a birthday gift.
Lovely gift for a friend or beloved one.
Wear alone or buy other rings from my gemstone collection.


2.3mm x 1.5mm D shaped sterling silver band
4mm round cabochon Tourmaline

Care and Cleaning:

Tourmaline is a natural gemstone, if exposed to sudden changes of temperature or knocked it can be brittle.
The safest recommendation therefore is to avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaning and simply use hand warm water and a bit of soap. Wash gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush and pat dry after.

About Tourmaline:

: The birthstone for October along with Opal.
: Found in more hues, shades and nuances than any gem.
: Different colours caused by different natural impurities
green and blue-traces of iron and possibly titanium
reds,pinks,possibly yellow-manganese
some pink and yellow-radiation natural or laboratory induced
: Pyroelectric, charged when heated.
: Piezoelectric when squeezed.
: Alchemists highly valued Tourmaline perhaps because of its pyroelectric effect, they believed it to be related to the philosophers stone.
: Pink Tourmaline in particular is said to represent a love of humanity and humanitarianism, so is an excellent stone for therapists, healers and counsellors to better listen and understand.

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