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Sunstone Mala Necklace, 108 Mala Beads, Spiritual Jewelry, Yoga Beads, Knotted Mala, Labradorite, Aquamarine by MishkaSamuel

Sunstone, Labradorite, Aquamarine & Quartz Crystal 108 Mala Beads – Brings Positivity, Abundance, Strength, Healing, Protection, Spiritual Awareness

This mala necklace is made with a combination of 108 genuine natural semiprecious stone beads: beautiful patterned Sunstone, gray Labradorite and light blue Aquamarine.

Whether you use it for your meditation practice or as a long boho necklace, this mala is an excellent choice for those who need lots of positive energy, abundance, strength, protection, spiritual awareness and healing power in their life. Please see below for a detailed description of its metaphysical properties.

Each handpicked bead is strung on a gray silk thread with knots inbetween for longevity and a nice feel in your hands. There are no metal accents used in this mala, a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. This mala is finished with a beautiful raw quartz crystal guru bead, each one of a kind, and a silk tassel made by hand. If you choose the “no tassel” option, your mala will be finished with two short strings underneath the guru bead, each adorned with two small beads for a finished look.

This yoga mala necklace measures approx. 38 inches around and it reaches the solar plexus area on an average sized woman.

This happy piece of spiritual jewelry comes cleansed, charged and gift wrapped with a description of its metaphysical properties. A perfect gift for that special someone!

Sunstone is a highly energizing stone, bringing abundance of joy and light to everyday life. Its energy has long been associated with the light and regenerative power of the sun, hence the name. Sunstone restores zest for life, brings positive thoughts, nurtures the body and encourages self-healing energy. Because of these qualities, it often has been used by those who suffer from depression.
Sunstone is a powerful mind stimulant. It is helpful for those who tend to make sacrifices for others, teaching them to focus on their own well-being. It facilitates self-empowerment, independence and helps to overcome procrastination. Its optimistic and enthusiastic energy promotes confidence, encourages self-worth and reverses feelings of failure or any negative thoughts about oneself. Sunstone clears all the chakras, bringing light and energy within, and is an excellent choice for meditation.
Traditionally linked to luck and good fortune, Sunstone is one of the gemstones everyone can benefit from.

The color of Labradorite is either gray-blue or green-blue and may appear a little flat at first. But as soon as light hits its surface, iridescent colors start catching one’s attention. Likely because of its appearance, Labradorite is believed to be highly mystical and a protective stone. It is said to bring light to one's life and protect its wearer from negative energies and fears. Its energy is believed to strengthen faith in oneself and the universe.
Labradorite is known to be a highly spiritual stone. It is said to be able to raise consciousness and ground spiritual energies, stimulate intuition, and balance physical and etheric bodies.
Labradorite has been used especially during the time of change for strength and persistence.

Aquamarine is known for it's calming energy and ability to quiet the mind and reduce stress. It brings harmony to its surroundings and protects against pollutants. It is a wonderful stone for meditation, raising spiritual awareness and invoking high states of consciousness.
Aquamarine helps finding closure to unfinished business, clarify perception and refocus one's thoughts. It is a great stone for understanding our own emotions and expressing our feelings.
Known as a stone of courage, Aquamarine alleviates fears. Particularly useful for sensitive people, it promotes tolerance and provides support to anyone who feels overwhelmed by responsibility. Aquamarine helps to form dynamic and upright personality and brake old patterns.
Aquamarine has been used to align all chakras and to clear the throat chakra.

Quartz Crystal is believed to be the most powerful healing stone on the planet. It is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. Quartz Crystal can purify and energize our physical, mental and spiritual bodies as well as harmonize our thoughts, consciousness and emotions. It is also used to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. It can assist to retain calmness and bring clarity in thinking in all situations. This crystal has been used to harmonize all chakras.
Quartz Crystal was used in meditation, spiritual development and healing by many ancient cultures and it has been used ever since. Apart from many other benefits, it is also believed to help filter out distractions and aids concentration in meditation.
Quartz and Quartz crystals have been used for religious purposes by many cultures and are considered one of the seven precious substances in Buddhism.

All of my items are mindfully handcrafted with love and attention to details. I make all of the malas using high quality gemstones. Please expect a slight variation in the stones as these are a true representation of nature’s intent. I believe that Mother Nature provides us with exceptional beauty and I respect her creations.

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