Take Action Now!! Lawmakers Voting To Increase Minimum Wage!!

Take Action Now!!

Last week, Connecticut lawmakers passed the most aggressive minimum wage hike in state history.  Minimum wage will go to $15 per hour over the next 5 years.  How are you preparing to make these changes?  Have you considered what you will do for the employee that is working for you now that is making $15 per hour?  Will you increase their pay also?

Businesses have serious concerns about these higher labor costs, with some going as far as to say they will relocate to another state.  Several of our members have closed shop and moved to save money and to be able to operate without as many restrictions and taxes.

But the minimum wage hike is a drop in the bucket compared to Senate Bill 1, the paid Family and Medical Leave Act.

This week, the state Senate will take up SB 1.  YOU NEED TO CALL OR WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS NOW!

If this bill is passed, employees at every Connecticut business will have up to 12 weeks of paid leave each year to care for their own or any extended family member’s illness.

Workers will see their pay deducted—but it won’t be enough to sustain the program.  The money deducted each year from their pay will not cover their 12 weeks of pay while they are on leave.  So who will?

Businesses will pay for this through taxes and eventually direct fees.  The rate employees will pay will be increased.  And these rated don’t include the cost for hundreds of state employees, wages and benefits, to run and supervise this program.

Small businesses already struggle daily with their workforce. It is difficult to find good employees who come to work.  FACT:  the state chose to exempt itself from this legislation.  Why is that?  So they don’t have to worry about how to fill shifts vacant from those on paid leave?  Don’t state employees get sick, have babies or care for their family members?

Help stop this bill now.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them enough is enough. Stop adding to the cost of doing business in Connecticut.

This is the link:  www2.cbia.com/ga/get_involved/contact_ct_legislators/-A1

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