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Terrarium Moss-Live Moss- Mood Moss Gallon Bag full LIVE Green Mood-Frog Moss-Live Moss for Terrariums and Vivariums by TeresasPlants

Live Moss-Terrarium Moss-This moss is so beautiful and makes wonderful terrariums. I have used it in many of mine sold here on Etsy.

You can put this piece also in your yard in the shade as very little light is need for this to grow.

You will get a gallon bag which is 9×12. You will get LIVE green moss here in different sized sections. If you prefer sections to be larger or smaller let me know.

Mood Moss & Pillow Moss Care

Live mood moss grows in a very compact clump yet has very feathery plumes on top. It is a bit easier to care for in terrariums than pillow moss for several reasons. Mood moss stays a pretty green when dry where pillow moss gets a lighter green. This is why Mood Moss is great for open style terrariums.

Pillow moss hates to keep wet underneath and will die and brown if there is to much moisture underneath the clump or humidity in a closed lid environment.

When watering open style terrariums you should be sure that the soil does get soaked for the first time but no standing water can be seen after a few minutes. Then do this at least once a week like you would water a houseplant. The open style also likes to be misted so give it a few squirts as well.

Closed style terrariums do not need to be watered as often. You do need to be sure the soil is soaked the first time, again no standing water. Then about every 2 weeks or so you may need to mist again. The reason you do not want to do more is to much humidity and moisture can kill your pillow moss and some other types as well. Lichens in the terrarium also need less moisture. It is better to underwater than to over water.

Taking the lid off at least 1 time a week helps for air circulation too.

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