This sweet, precious tiny…

This sweet, precious tiny little ball of fluff is one of 17….YES, 17… Bottle babies 🍼 that I am currently feeding every 4 hours around the clock. It takes 1 full 8 ounce can of @petagpetproducts KMR Kitten Formula to feed all of them. Plus the just weaned from the bottle kittens get bowls of formula, so that’s another 2 cans of KMR a day. That makes 8 cans a day we are currently using. Each can is $2.18 on Amazon and Chewy. We would GREATLY appreciate if anyone could please donate formula for all these tiny balls of fluff…who have been abandoned or orphaned. The link to our Amazon wishlist is in our BIO. Or, if you’d prefer to donate a dollar or 2, our links to PayPal and venmo are also in our BIO. You can mark your donation as MILK 🍼 We also desperately need MIRACLE NIPPLES (the older babies have teeth and are wearing them down), WET CANNED FOOD (12.5 oz. Blue Buffalo Chicken, or Fancy Feast Kitten, any flavor). These babies are eating and growing like weeds! 🌱 ***The last bottle baby to be fed always gets extra loves and cuddles for having to wait so long. This little one loves my neck and ear and has a purr like a well tuned Harley. Someone who adopts this love bug will be doubly blessed ❤ We Love All Our Amazing Friends and Supporters. Go check out their pages, say Hi!, or make a new friend or 2. They’re PAWsome! @melvintheflurff @btb0530 @the_bunny_and_sorin_family @oreo_thekittykat @lyle_thecat @catsbeingcrazycats @_jmcreations_ Who makes all our amazing neckwear, now 4th of July prints are 30% off on the site, use our code PIGGLES20 and they stack to give you 50% off! 🧨🔥 #PigglesAndFriendsRescue #PigglesAndFriendsKittenRescue (on FB) #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed #KittenRescue #bottlebabies #Milk #Adoption #RescueWorks #TNR #CAT #KITTEN #CatRescue #COI #SpayandNeuter #CATS_OF_INSTAGRAM #kittens_of_instagram #CrazyCatLady #HelpMeSaveThem #DonationsSaveLives #PleaseHelp #MilkMoney

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