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Tiger Eye Mala Beads, Sandalwood Mala Bracelet, Tiger Eye Bracelet, Prayer Beads, Yoga Jewelry, Spiritual Jewelry by MishkaSamuel

Tiger’s Eye & Sandalwood Mala Bracelet – For Protection, Empowerment, Goal Accomplishment, Positivity, Stress Relief, Energy – The Mindfulness Collection

This artist-designed double mala bracelet highlights color and texture contrast of genuine fragrant Sandalwood from Nepal, beautiful golden Tiger's Eye, simple handcrafted brass accents, a brass guru bead, a red sari silk tassel and a gold Om charm. This Tiger Eye bracelet is made with 6mm beads and serves as a half mala (54 beads). A perfect piece of meaningful jewelry that carries boho summer vibes year round! Use it for a quick meditation or to remind you of your intentions throughout the day.
Please see below for a detailed description of its metaphysical properties.

About The Mindfulness Collection: All Mishka Samuel’s work is mindfully designed and handcrafted, so what makes this collection different? The materials used to create this collection were carefully sourced with focus on support of fair trade work of artisans around the world and small businesses in the USA.
The genuine sandalwood beads used come directly from artisans of Kathmandu, Nepal. The brass accents are made by craftsmen in India and Africa. The colorful tassel is made with recycled sari silk that provides a source of income to women in India and Nepal and helps the environment. All charms are proudly made in the USA.

This Sandalwood mala bracelet is 7.25" long (each loop) and fits best up to a 6.5" wrist. Custom sizes are available upon request. Strung on a strong stretch cord for comfort.

This beautiful piece of yoga jewelry comes cleansed, charged and gift wrapped. A description of its metaphysical properties is included. It will make a thoughtful gift!

Tiger’s Eye is protective stone that is said to combine the earthy energies with the energy of the sun. Traditionally, it was worn as a talisman against curses. It is believed that Tiger’s Eye can help one to accomplish goals with integrity and a great power. It is a grounding stone, especially useful for people with commitment issues. It is also said that Tiger’s Eye can help one recognize true needs from wishes and desires.
Additionally, Tiger’s Eye is known to help enhance practical perception, resolve internal conflicts brought up by one’s pride and increase confidence by helping to recognize one’s talent as well as faults that need to be changed.

Sandalwood is highly praised for its lasting natural fragrance. In fact, it is the fragrance itself that is believed to have many spiritual properties. The warm and soothing aroma of Sandalwood is said to bring peace and serenity to the mind. In Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool since ancient times. It enhances meditation by invoking tranquility, opening higher spiritual centers and awakening the divine within. It is believed that the scent brings positivity, encourages compassion, promotes feeling of well-being, stimulates sensuality and aids stress relief. Sandalwood is said to open a path to healing, bring energy, rekindle zest for life and enhance self-esteem. Sandalwood stimulates the base chakra.
These handmade sandalwood beads are genuine and fair trade! They come directly from artisans of Kathmandu, Nepal.

All of my items are mindfully handcrafted with love and attention to details. I make all of the malas using high quality gemstones. Please expect a slight variation in the stones as these are a true representation of nature’s intent. I believe that Mother Nature provides us with exceptional beauty and I respect her creations.

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