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Tiny flowers-Dainty Valentine flowers-Sonema flowers-45 or more stems-Tiny wedding flowers-pink-Ivory-yellow-green small flowers by TeresasPlants

Really small dried sonema flowers great for many projects! These are similar to our tiny happy flowers we sell here as well. The difference is that they are a more rounded flower head and not spiked out like the happy flower. The happy flower also has a small cone shaped base and then flowers pop out from that.

Bunch of 45+ flowers on short stems approximately 3 to 4" Long. I have several colors shown here and each bundle will be no less than 45 stems/flower heads. They are packed in bags and ties to keep from damage during shipping.

The vases are NOT included here.

Thank you Tiffany for showing us the beautiful pendant you made with our flowers. (see Last Photo)

Christmas colors will also include small white star flowers as seen in photos (vase and sand NOT included)

Frst 4th and 8th photos shows the Valentine/Sweet heart colors or choose mutiple color bunches.

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