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Two tone Bed teepee with higher standing room, tent bed canopy, kids teepee bed, tent bed canopy by TucsonTeepee

Designer talk:
This is our two-tone bed teepee with 10oz nature unbleached canvas in XL size.
This modern chic two-tone teepee has 10+ choices for the lining color, please choose your favorite accent from the dropping menu.
This is Anti-collapse bed teepee. It is available in twin/full/queen size.
What is special about our bed teepee?
★This is the only TRULY STABLE bed teepee on the market.
We have anti-collapse component in the bed teepee. The teepee will stay in place when the kids pull the poles. All other teepees on the market will collapse or slide/cave in even with the mattress or bottom fabric in it. Ours will stay in place because of the special design.
★It is designed with higher standing room.
A 8 year old kids could stand on the mattress in the teepee with extra room on top.
★The bed teepee frame is made of nature bamboo poles which is stronger/lighter than wood poles and healthier/more eco friendly than PVC pipes.
★ Two cross bar flap windows are added as default. You can close it for better privacy.
Also featuring overlapping door flaps and it closes fully without gap.
★ You can monogram the teepee by the following list.
★ Will it fit my mattress which is a different thickness?
Yes. It will fit different mattress thickness up to 12 inches thick. The one in the picture is a 12 inches thick twin mattress. If your mattress is thicker than 12 inches, please let us know.

Sizes available to fit standard twin mattress, full mattress and queen size up to 12 inches thick.
If your mattress is thicker than 12 inches, please contact us for customized order.
The bed teepee stands around 6.5ft from the top of the pole to the ground when fully set up.
The one in the listing picture is the twin mattress.

Ivory faux fur rug is listed here:

US orders: Ship WITH poles, Tracking and insurance included
Canada orders: Ship WITH poles, Tracking and insurance included
International orders outside of US and Canada: Ship WITHOUT poles, Tracking and insurance included
Detailed shipping policy is listed here

Teepee Common Features
Designed for kids 3 years and up
This handmade kids tent teepee, play tent, indoor tent, wigwam, kids fort or whatever you want to call it is sure to entertain. The teepee can be used outdoor as a play tent, or indoor as a reading corner, or wherever and however you chose to use it! This teepee style is cute enough to give a decoration touch to any room. Your little ones will love it!
•Handmade for durability using high quality fabric & nature wood or bamboo poles.
•Folds up like an umbrella for easy storage in a closet or corner, or under the bed or sofa. It can be easily moved from place to place.
•Set-up is quick and easy. It can be easily be taken apart and reassembled if necessary.
•Can be used indoors or outdoors, but should be stored indoors when not in use.
•Double stitched, including surging, providing added durability.
•Spot cleaning is recommended if necessary.
•Machine wash in cold water gentle cycle

As the designer/creator, I retain copyright over my work.

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