Ursa Minor Bracelet Engraved Copper Bracelet Copper Gift for Man Little Dipper Jewelry Constellation Bracelet Personalized Bracelet by GardensGateJewelry

Ever have trouble identifying the constellations? Me too!!! Here is my solution: wear it on your wrist! Not only is the Little Dipper bracelet a beautiful and thoughtful gift, it can also be your guide to finding the constellations in the night sky.

*hand crafted out of 100% copper

*I will make this specially for you when you place your order

*Keep in mind when ordering:
-6 inch will work for most women
-7 inch for men

*with background stars or without, just let me know! If you prefer, I will do it with just the Big Dipper/Ursa Major stars

*each bracelet is made individually by my hands, there will be minor variations that won’t effect the beauty of your bracelet

*copper is a warm and beautiful metal that changes color with exposure to the air. A bit of copper polish will bring it back to its bright finish easily

*If would like it personalized in any way I would be happy to add any words/phrases/names you would like. Just include a message to seller and select that option in the drop down menu.

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