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We stalled a loooong…

We stalled a loooong time on this post today. It's not news we wanted. It's not news you wanted. But it had to be shared sometime, somehow. She's gone. Miley passed away early yesterday morning. Her little body just couldn't handle the trauma anymore. Her organs shut down, her temperature dropped, and she stopped breathing. The vets did everything possible to get her through this, but it was just too catastrophic. We lost two babies (her and York) within about 6 hours. It's too much sometimes. We really can't express our sadness right now. About 45 minutes before we got the call, her brother Alan (also recovering from parvo) started screaming and screaming and screaming. Nothing his foster did to soothe him would make him stop. It's as if he knew. In the aftermath of all of this, we're left with major bills that have to be paid down before we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off to try to save another life. Between Miley and York, we owe somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 (we haven't received the final bill, that's just our best estimate). Currently in PayPal, we have just a shade over $1000. It's hard to continue to raise money after a baby has passed away. With good reason. It's horribly depressing. But we are stuck on saving other dogs until we can finish paying for the vet care these two babies had. :( Click the link in the profile to donate via PayPal.

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