Weaving needle charm bracelet, sterling silver, sculpture jewelry, handmade nostalgic, contemporary, cute gift idea by Threadallic

This is part of my new collection called "My Great-grandma Taught Me".
In this collection I add pieces inspired by all the memories I have of my great-grandmother

This piece is a weaving needle just like the one my great-grandma used when she was on her loom. This kind of weaving needle requires a very straight and decisive throw to go through the whole length of the loom. So in a way you need to be sure about your decisions and when you are, you must shoot right to them!

This is of the tools of my great-granma's trade I'm transferring it in my own craft, silversmithing.

All of my items are handmade and I make them in my workshop in Athens.
I love making jewelry and sharing it is the best experience of my life.
If you like my pieces and you do decide to make them yours, I sincerely hope you cherish them 💜

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