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XL/XXL event teepee, 8ft wedding Teepee, adult teepee, wide open front teepee, teepee for adult, beach tent, large tipi, in nature canvas by TucsonTeepee

Why TucsonTeepee ?
Every piece of authentic Tucson Teepee is handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona.
It is the heirloom quality teepee what will last for years.
★ Thoughtful design
We feature pattern protected ANTI-collapse system in the teepee.
All other teepees on the market will collapse when kids pull the poles. Ours will stay in shape because of the special design.
★ Stronger frame
We use full length whole piece solid wood/ nature bamboo poles for stronger frame.
Orders in USA and Canada will be shipped with poles.
★ Healthier material
No fire retardant in the fabric. No polywood poles with connectors which contain formaldehyde.

Designer talk:
This is our giant wide open event teepee in 10oz nature unbleached canvas, designed for wedding/party event.
★ Featuring WIDER/HIGHER front opening
The teepee pattern is special designed for event use. The front panel is wider than the side panels. It will allow more people to sit in for the event/photo purpose
The XXL size with five panels will fit at least 3-4 adults(as shown in the listing picure)
★ Featuring bottom ties for use on windy days
It will allow you to stake down the teepee using regular tent stake on grass, or attach weight on the ties on solid floor.
★ You can personalize the teepee for your event by the listing here
★ USA and Canada orders come with bamboo poles.
Bamboo's inherent stability means our XL teepees are much MORE STABLE than others on the market because bamboo is 250% stronger than Maple(one of the hardest solid wood ) according to the test data from Forest Product Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture.

Available in XL size and XXL size
XL size: 4 sides teepee
The floor base is over 75 inches for front side, 64 inches for the other three sides
The poles are 8ft nature bamboo poles.
XXL size: 5 sides teepee
The floor base is over 65 inches for front side, 54 inches for the other four sides
The poles are 8ft nature bamboo poles.
The last two pictures are the giant XL size teepee vs M size teepee, the XL size VS XXL size

Can you make it even bigger?
If you expand the teepee base without increasing the height of the teepee, teepee will turn out bigger, but shorter and fatter.
If you are ok with it, we can go ahead and make one for you

Why I use nature bamboo poles instead of solid wood poles?
1) Bamboo is stronger than solid wood, but yet lightweight.
Introducing bamboo poles for the XL teepee will keep the large tent in a reasonable weight.
2) Bamboo poles are more friendly for outdoor use. (wood will get mod or crack when it is wet or humid).

Can adult use the teepee?
YES.It is huge enough to have adults sitting comfortably in it
(Maybe standing.As the top part of the teepee is narrow, you won't have much room to move around if you stand in the teepee.)
I designed this huge teepee at the very beginning because I WANT A TEEPEE FOR MYSELF. I put it in the living room and it soon became the family corner for everyone. I think every adult deserves a good teepee because we all have a kid living inside of us. :)

Matching mat can be purchased here
We have Faux fur rug in the store as well!
It is listed here

US orders: Ship WITH poles, Tracking and insurance included
Canada orders: Ship WITH poles, Tracking and insurance included
International orders outside of US and Canada: Ship WITHOUT poles, Tracking and insurance included
Detailed shipping policy is listed here

Teepee Common Features
Designed for kids 3 years and up
This handmade kids tent teepee, play tent, indoor tent, wigwam, kids fort or whatever you want to call it is sure to entertain. The teepee can be used outdoor as a play tent, or indoor as a reading corner, or wherever and however you chose to use it! This teepee style is cute enough to give a decoration touch to any room. Your little ones will love it!
•Handmade for durability using high quality fabric & nature wood or bamboo poles.
•Folds up like an umbrella for easy storage in a closet or corner, or under the bed or sofa. It can be easily moved from place to place.
•Set-up is quick and easy. It can be easily be taken apart and reassembled if necessary.
•Can be used indoors or outdoors, but should be stored indoors when not in use.
•Double stitched, including surging, providing added durability.
•Spot cleaning is recommended if necessary.

As the designer/creator, I retain copyright over my work.

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